Our history dates back to 1945, when the state-owned company “PBM Warszawa-Południe” took part in the rebuilding of Warsaw after the war-time destruction. Between 1945 and 1993, we built a large number of Warsaw housing estates (e.g. Wierzbno, Stegny, Okęcie, Rakowiec, Sadyba, Ursynów, Natolin and Kabaty), as well as some prestigious buildings like:

  • The Polish Parliament building,
  • The headquarters building of the Polish Central Statistical Office,
  • The main building of the Warsaw Technical University,
  • The Polish National Library building.

Over the years, we have been present on many construction sites abroad: in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Russia and Lithuania.
In April 1994, the company was successfully restructured and privatized to become a new legal entity: PBM POŁUDNIE SA (joint-stock company).
The privatization was followed by a dynamic development of the Company. We engaged in some renovation and modernization works on our own property, as well as in the construction of the warehouse-and-office rental facilities “Derby 1” and “Derby 2”, situated at ul. Łączyny, Warsaw.

While taking into account the structural changes experienced by the building industry, we have decided to broaden our business activity by the inclusion of some hotel-and-tourist services. PBM POŁUDNIE SA renovated and modernized its own mountain holiday centres at Rytro and Karpacz. Thanks to the modernizations, the centres gained the hotel status or guest house status.
In 2002, PBM POŁUDNIE SA purchased a hotel at Nadarzyn near Warsaw (still owned by the Company) and established a hotel company named HOT-POL. In 2004, PBM POŁUDNIE SA’s rising involvement in the tourist market had let to the establishment of a specialized company PBM POŁUDNIE TOUR.

Since 2000, PBM POŁUDNIE SA has been really prosperous – due to the boom in the building industry. In 2002, as a result of the rising demand on the housing market and the Company’s good financial situation, we established a new developer company, PBM POŁUDNIE DEVELOPMENT, 100%-owned by PBM POŁUDNIE SA.

In 2005, PBM Południe SA became the dominant company of the PBM Południe Capital Group. The Group incorporates:
- PBM Południe Development Sp. z o.o.
- PBM Południe Tour Sp. z o.o.
- Hot - Pol Sp. z o.o.

The investments we realized after the year 1994 are presented in our reference list placed at OUR OFFER tab.

The business profile of PBM POŁUDNIE SA includes:
- Project  management  services in the capacity of the general contractor, as well as realization management and project management services;
- Building services (apartment building, office space, warehouses, utility building, modernizations, revitalizations);
- Manufacturing of building-related products (e.g. ready-mixed concrete, pavement slabs, retaining walls, fitting and concrete reinforcement products);
- Real estate management (office, warehouse and apartment buildings).

The Company’s main business area consists in comprehensive realization of construction works in the capacity of the investor’s general contractor.

We realize projects and we manage the entire construction process. We provide comprehensive investment services, including a proper selection of some state-of-the-art solutions – from the stage of design, to supervision of the building process, to obtaining the necessary permits and acceptance procedures. Our business offer also includes total land development around the building, as well as management services for the premises.
As we ourselves co-ordinate and take responsibility for the entire building process, all our services are top quality and competitively priced, if compared to the other business players on the demanding building market. On behalf of the investor, we ourselves solve any procedural and legal problems that turn up at the stage of investment preparation and management. We also act as the owner’s investment representative and we process the costs of the construction.


Zbigniew Gontarz – Chairman of the Board
Julita Zaliwska     – Vice-Chairman of the Board
Joanna Walter –  Member of the Board


Anna Czub
Bożena Polańska
Grzegorz Budnicki


Eulalia Gulik – Przewodnicząca
Agnieszka Nowikowska
Stanisław Wysocki



2013    “The 2013 Gold Reliability Certificate” by Rzetelna Firma
2012    “The 2012 Gold Reliability Certificate” by Rzetelna Firma
2011    “The 2011 Gold Reliability Certificate” by Rzetelna Firma
2009    “The Solidna Firma Certificate”
2005    “The Top Quality Guarantee Certificate” (Category: “General Contractor Building Service Provision”)

Prizes and Honours:

2013    “The Second Prize Award” by the Polish Association of Building Engineers and Technicians in the “2012 Construction of the Year” competition for the first stage of realization of the apartment-and-office buildings situated at ul. Kijowska, Warsaw
2011    “The European Medal” by Business Centre Club (Category: “Building Services”)
2010    “The Third Prize Award” by the Polish Association of Building Engineers and Technicians in the “2010 Construction of the Year” competition for the redevelopment and adaptation of Fort Sokolnicki, Warsaw for culture-related purposes
2009    “The European Medal” by Business Centre Club (Category: “Building Services”)
2008    “The Certificate of Recognition” for the construction of the apartment buildings “A1” and “A2”  with underground parking space situated at ul. Klimczaka, Warsaw
2007    “The European Medal” by Business Centre Club and the Polish European Integration Committee for the European-standard quality of building services provided
2006    “The Association of National Material Heritage Protection Prize” in the nationwide “2005 Modernization of the Year” competition for the modernization and redevelopment of the old Tramway Power Plant building and its appropriation for the Warsaw Uprising Museum
2006    “The Special Prize” by the Polish Architects Association in the “Prize of the Year” competition for the construction of the Warsaw Uprising Museum
2006    “The Second Prize Award” by the Polish Association of Building Engineers and Technicians in the “2005 Construction of the Year” competition for the construction of the multi-family building with underground parking space “Zielone  Mieszkanko II” situated at ul. Obrońców Tobruku, Warsaw
2005    “The Special Prize” by the Polish Association of Building Engineers and Technicians in the “2004 Construction of the Year” competition, for the construction of the Warsaw Uprising Museum on location of the old Tramway Power Plant
2002    “The Commemorative Medal” by the Polish Meteorology and Water Management Institute (IMGW) for the participation in the Gabriel Narutowicz Monument Project
2002    “The Business Gazelle Prize” by the “Puls Biznesu” daily to confirm that the entity belongs to the exclusive group of the most dynamic Polish enterprises
2001    „The 400 Years of Capital Warsaw Medal” by the President of Warsaw for outstanding Warsaw-related activities
2001    “The National Historical Site Protector Gold Medal” by the Polish Council for the Protection of Struggle and Martyrdom Sites for the preservation of historical sites of military struggle and martyrdom

We are an active member of some business and trade organizations:
Business Centre Club
The Polish Association of Building Employers

In 2005, the PBM POŁUDNIE Capital Group was created under the initiative of PBM POŁUDNIE SA.

The PBM POŁUDNIE Capital Group incorporates:
- The building company – PBM POŁUDNIE SA, which is the leading company of the Group
and its subsidiaries:
- The development company – PBM POŁUDNIE DEVELOPMENT Sp. z o.o.
- The travel company – PBM POŁUDNIE TOUR Sp. z o.o.
- The management company – HOT - POL Sp. z o.o.

  • PBM POŁUDNIE SA – WWW.pbmsa.pl
  • PBM POŁUDNIE DEVELOPMENT Sp. z o.o. – www.pbmdevelopment.pl
  • PBM POŁUDNIE TOUR Sp. z o.o. – www.perlapoludnia.pl
  • HOT - POL Sp. z o.o. – www.hot-pol.pl

The Group’s business activity includes:

  • Building services for investors,
  • Construction and sale of new apartments,
  • Manufacturing of concrete and of construction elements made of concrete,
  • Specialized transportation services,
  • Renting of office space, warehouse space and conference rooms,
  • Real estate management and administration,
  • Hotel and tourist services provided by our own hotels and guest houses.

PBM Południe SA receives “The 2013 Reliability Gold Certificate”, confirmed by Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG SA
On 3 October 2013, a solemn gala was held to present the certificates issued by Rzetelna Firma Sp. z o.o. PBM Południe has been granted the Reliability Gold Certificate for another consecutive year, for the dissemination of ethical business practice and unquestionable high business credibility. In 2013, our Chairman of the Board, Mr. Zbigniew Gontarz, took part in the gala to receive the certificate.

The Company PBM Południe SA has been appointed the general contractor for renovation and building works at the Katyn Museum, following a tender procedure that lasted from May to August 2013
The contract includes site redevelopment, construction and renovation works with the purpose of changing the way in which the objects and building facilities situated in the area of the Warsaw Citadel’s loopholes and gunboat battery are used, to appropriate the premises to the needs of the Katyn Museum – a department of the Polish Army Museum.

Another consecutive year, PBM Południe SA was among the winners of the prestigious “2012 Construction of the Year” competition. In the 23rd edition of this competition, the Company received Second Prize Award for the first stage of the realization of the housing-and-office building project situated at ul. Kijowska, Warsaw.
“The Construction of the Year” competition is organized by the Polish Association of Building Engineers and Technicians with the participation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Polish Building Industry Administration. The aim of the competition is to select those building objects that are characterized by top quality of work and the use of modern building solutions.



We are an experienced building company that is well-established on both Polish and foreign construction markets. We specialize in realization of building projects in the capacity of the investor’s general contractor. Based on our long-term expertise and qualified staff, we can offer the full range of building services. We listen to and take into account the individual needs of every client. We offer a comprehensive set of works, from servicing of any formal matters connected with the investment process, to the provision of the complete, “turnkey” building object.

We realize the following building projects:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Office and warehouse buildings
  • Utility buildings
  • Revitalizations and modernizations of historical buildings

While working for you, we apply both well-established and state-of-the-art technological solutions, which guarantees a high standard of work. Our engineers work in accordance with the Top Quality Guarantee Certificate. The Company has been honoured with “The European Medal”, granted by Business Centre Club and the Polish Government European Committee, for our top-quality building services that preserve the European standards.
Our building objects have won numerous trade awards and prizes – for quality performance and for modern architectonic solutions, e.g. “The Construction of the Year” award and “The Silver Drill” award.
“The Solidna Firma Certificate” and “The Reliability Gold Certificate” by Rzetelna Firma both attest to the Company’s reliability and credibility.

Offer and Contract Department
Address: ul. Baśniowa 3, 02-349 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: 22 420-52-85, 420-52-86
Fax: 22 420-52-85
E-mail: aczub@pbmsa.pl


Please see our reference list, which presents the investment projects we have recently realized within the boundaries of or near Warsaw.



The concrete and concrete products we offer are manufactured by the Company’s organization unit named Zakład Produkcji Budowlanej, or building production plant. The plant is based in Warsaw, at ul. Łączyny 2/52. The plant has its own ready-mixed concrete manufacturing facility. The plant services orders placed by both the Company’s internal building units and external clients. The plant manufactures and sells ready-mixed concrete, pre-cast concrete units, as well as reinforced-concrete and fitting products. The product offer is supplemented by the transportation offer for the above-mentioned produce.

Concrete can be distributed on the 24-hour/7-day-per-week basis. We supply concrete to your building site, accompanied by concrete pumps of different ranges.

The plant’s product offer includes:

  • C8/10 – C40/50 (B 10 - B 50) ready-mixed concrete,
  • Pre-cast concrete units (MON-type/JOMB-type pavement slabs, L-type/T-type retaining walls) and pre-cast concrete units, made under customized technical documentation,
  • M5 – M20 cement-and-sand (flat)beds,
  • Reinforced-concrete and fitting products.

Various softening, sealing and anti-frost agents are added to our concrete mix. The tests performed by Zakład Produkcji Budowlanej and some other certified external laboratories have proven that both our concrete and our pre-cast concrete units are of top quality.

The prices of the products we offer are determined on individual basis and negotiable. The price depends on the size of the order and the scope of the contract, as well as on prospects for further co-operation.

Zakład Produkcji Budowlanej
Address: ul. Łączyny 2/52
02-820 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: 22 843 70 18, 22 843 62 01, 22 843 77 70, 601 252 164, 695 260 211
Fax: 22 843 30 04
e-mail: gjarzynska@pbmsa.pl

Zakład Produkcji Budowlanej, or building production plant, based in Warsaw at ul. Łączyny, houses transportation-truck and construction-equipment rental services.

We also offer the rental of construction equipment, such as:

  • PERI wall boarding – TRIO System,
  • Ceiling boarding – GT 24 girders and PEP supports,
  • Segment scaffolding,
  • MON slabs,
  • Fence spans (sheet in metal frame),
  • Construction tools,
  • Office and ship containers.

Logistics Department
Address: ul. Baśniowa 3
02-349 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: 22 420 52 03, 420 53 03, 601 826 095
Fax: 22 843 30 04
e-mail: logistyka@pbmsa.pl, kchrobak@pbmsa.pl


In order to meet the needs of the real estate market, and for many years now, we have provided real estate-related services.

We employ licensed real-estate managers. We have our own accounting department. We use professional housing-community-dedicated software. We employ lawyers, licensed building engineers, and economists. We are an efficient company that stresses the importance of the quality of services provided. Our experience in housing community management is extensive.

We ensure that every building we service provides for comfortable and safe living. We provide consulting services to real estate owners in relation to any modernization or renovation works. We help solving everyday problems and we help limiting the cost of real estate maintenance.

Real Estate Management Department
Phone: 22 420-52-20,
Phone/Fax: 22 420-52-21
E-mail: skaleja@pbmsa.pl i nieruchomosci@pbmsa.pl

Szkoła Fundacji PRIMUS


ul. Baśniowa 3, 02-349 Warszawa
mobile: 22 420 52 10,
tel.: 22 822 11 39
fax: 22 822 12 13
e-mail: sekretariat@pbmsa.pl
Building Production and Transportation Services
ul. Łączyny 2/52,
tel.: 22 843-62-01,
tel.: 22 843-70-18,
fax: 22 843-30-04
Department of Property Management
tel.: 22 420-52-20,
tel.: 22 420-52-21
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